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Before joining the aesthetics industry, Jill spent several years working as a forensic psychological examiner as well as a licensed mental health professional. She also ran a very successful coaching and leadership training company, Jill Ann Anderson & Assoc. In 2018, Jill lost two very special people in her life within months of each other - her husband and father. These two losses made her take a look at what was truly bringing joy and fullfillment to her life and she discovered she needed to take a different path. So, she went back to school and opened Beauty by Jill Ann. Jill then went on to hire a Medical Director and went back to school to become an injector for in her own med spa. She has learned anatomy, procedural skill, safety, and complication management. Jill is a skilled provider, and has experience with wrinkle relaxers (neurotoxins), dermal fillers, Kybella, Sculptra, Microneedling, Cryoslimming, teeth whitening and permanent makeup. She has a passion for helping clients achieve their aesthetic goals by offering honest assessments and natural looking results that boost self confidence.

Jill's Medical Director is Dr. Hans Norman Rechsteiner